Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Tell If Your Locksmith is a Fake

How To Tell If Your Locksmith is a FakeWhen you hire a locksmith to help you get access to your locked property, you are letting a stranger into your home, office or vehicle. The bad news is there are many individuals out there who pose as locksmiths, with the only intent of taking advantage of distressed customers who are quite vulnerable to potential theft, fraud, and other threats. The good thing is there are things we can do to lessen our risks of hiring a fake locksmith. The following are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Know the business address.
In calling a locksmith, make sure to ask for the business address. A fake locksmith, as what you can expect, will most likely use a fake address in attempt to make him look real. What you can do is to check the business address online through websites that offer phone and address matching services. Make sure that the number you called matches the business address that the locksmith has given you.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

5 Ways A Good Locksmith Can Protect Your House

5 Ways A Good Locksmith Can Protect Your HouseLocksmiths do a lot more than merely pick locks and recover wedged keys. In fact, a locksmith is priceless in terms of home security. If you are planning to step up the security in your home to improve your personal safety as well as that of your family, it helps to know the different kinds of security services that a good locksmith can offer you. The following are five ways in which a high-quality locksmith can help in protecting your home:
High-security locks: It is important that you equip your front and external doors with high-security deadbolt locks. Simpler locks that are usually found on the internal doors of your home are a lot easier to bypass, therefore it makes a lot of difference to know how high-security locks differ from them and make sure that a good locksmith fits the appropriate locks in the different access areas of your home.

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